Wrestling. Boys. Boys Wrestling. Yea!




Hello Followers, new and old! My art has seen a sudden surge in popularity, no doubt thanks to the wonderful ragnabrock putting me over, and I’m afraid I’ve got some good news! 

Casting Disney Princesses as classic WWE Superstars, the first five illustrations in my Princesses of Wrestling series are now available as prints, and I’ll be selling them this weekend at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. Come find me at Booth I-18 as part of Kendrick & Kendrick Art and Fine Wares!

If you won’t be at the Expo and/or you don’t live anywhere near it, send me an Ask or email me at contact@mikekendrick.ca if you’d like to purchase any of them!

Oh….my…..god…..I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. I’m seriously impressed by these works of art. Kudos! LOVING that Hot Red one!

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imnotaustinpowers asked: A headdress in many native american cultures is a strong cultural symbol. Mainly given to tribal leaders to identify who is the leader and sometimes given out to the leaders of armies during wars with other tribes/white colonists. It's something that a lot of native american people today still have a strong cultural bond with and still regard it as a sacred symbol of power and leadership. To wear it when you have not earned it is a really bad thing since they're earned, not given.


I mean i see what you are saying but yeah…. I can’t find intnetional malice in that…. 

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